Try this simple challenge below to find out if you can make your heart beat rhythmically. Making your heart beat rhythmically can help you overcome some heart health issues. This specific technique can also improve your breathing, as your heartbeat and breathing functions synchronise with each other.
This test is also a very good indicator of overall health and fitness.

When doing this exercise, what you are looking out for is a speeding up of your heartbeat as you breathe in and a slowing down as you breathe out. You may want to do this exercise a few times in order to get the hang of it. Each time try for at least 5 minutes.

In this demonstration video I show you how it is possible to control the speed and rhythm of your heartbeat using only your breathing. I discovered this technique in 2012 and I used to call it Zero-Point Breathing (ZPB). Now it is called the MasterBeat Self-Synchronisation Technique.

So yes, you can powerfully influence your heart’s beating rhythm using only your breathing! And you can make both your heartbeat and breathing functions more efficient and effective by synchronising them together, so that they harmonise and work more in conjunction with each other.

This is a typical example of an improving heartbeat rhythm using this technique.

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