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Purchase one hour of 1 – 1 coaching with me via Skype, or phone call.

As a qualified and experienced Heart Coherence Coach, I have been able to assess many people’s heartbeat rhythms. My clients come to me to for many different reasons, such as heart concerns, too much stress and anxiety, poor breathing etc. Or, they may just want to improve health and fitness. When measured using biofeedback, most, if not all of them, initially display VERY chaotic heartbeat rhythms.

My role as a Coach, is to guide them into how to do the MasterBeat Technique, so that their hearts beat much more smoothly and rhythmically. This is how I help them with their ‘heartbeat chaos’ issues.

The MasterBeat technique can be learned from the eBook alone. However, it is good to have that extra bit of support and clarification, so that you know that you are doing everything correctly.

This coaching is offered in 2 parts. The first half an hour is to explain initially how to do the technique. Then, the second half an hour can be used once you have been practicing for a week or maybe longer (you can decide).

By splitting the coaching up this way, we can better assess your progress and fine tune your technique.


Purchase one hours 1 – 1 coaching with me via Skype, or phone call, (2 x 1/2 hour sessions).

learn how to Master your heartbeat rhythm
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