Irene Plymouth UK

What  a find. I feel so much calmer since I have learned The MasterBeat Technique from Robin. My husband has really noticed how much more chilled out I am. I have tried Meditation, Mindfullness and Yoga in the past, but nothing has worked this well for me. I have told all my family and friends how wonderful ZPB is. It is so easy to learn and I can practice any time any place. I even practised it in the dentists chair and it really did work.


Christine Star Plymouth UK

As a practicing Holistic Therapist, I understand the importance of breathing, blood flow and heartbeat rhythm. This wonderful technique helps all 3 at the same time.

Christine Star

Dr. Jane Spurr Glos. UK

I was very happy to hear about The MasterBeat Technique because, as a practising Psychologist I already knew how important good breathing is for managing stress and emotional problems. However, in my consultation with Robin I learned a lot more about this than I knew before and I’m now firmly convinced that everyone should know about it. The technique is easy to practice, and although I haven’t yet been doing it for very long, I have already noticed feeling less stressed about work and everyday problems. I feel I am enjoying life more, maybe because I’m putting less energy into everyday worries and due to this I feel, well, more positive and contented with life.


Caroline Errazuriz (Brazil)

Rob invited me to have a heart coherence training session so that he could demonstrate his heartbeat rhythm training technique. Initially I was sceptical that it would be of any benefit to me but soon realised that what he was saying made very good sense. He then hooked me up to biofeedback equipment and gave me a demonstration to show me first hand what my heartbeat rhythm was actually like. I could instantly see that my heart was beating erratically, but he reassured me that that was ok. Then, when he taught me how to breathe in time with my heartbeat, I could see the instant improvement that it made. The Masterbeat Technique made my heartbeat and breathing much more rhythmic and this made me feel calm and super relaxed. This was great because I was feeling a bit anxious because of an interview I was about to do.

I would recommend anyone to try Rob’s MasterBeat Technique. It only take 10 minute and you will be surprised as I am how amazing this is to be able to influence your heartbeat rhythm. I have purchased the inexpensive Synchroniser training device and will use it regularly now that I understand the profound benefits of heart coherence training.

Caroline Errazuriz

Chris Walton MSc

I had a session of Zero point Breathing (The MasterBeat Technique) and heart rate variability with Robin which I found exceptionally useful. I had used HRV before and never seemed to make any progression, but using Robin’s breathing technique the heart coherence was really high and better than I had ever seen it before. I was very, very pleased with this. I highly recommend Robin’s coaching sessions! 

Chris Walton MSc

Peter Baverso

Robin is an insightful and innovative leader in the the field of human ability. Robin’s MasterBeat Technique breathing practice is a pioneering way to embody coherence and enable the whole person to shine. Robin shared his amazing work with me last year and I’ve applied his methods with my coaching clients in a wide variety of settings. Moreover, Robin’s tirelessly giving attitude is a gift and I am forever grateful for his sharing with the world.

Peter Baverso

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