Pacemakers With an Artificial Brain

More Efficient And Effective

Heart health science is moving forward with some very interesting and important developments. Not least in the application of artificial brain cells to create a more efficient, effective and advanced heart pacemaker.

Changing Heartbeat Rhythm

This new pacemaker technology is based on the natural phenomenon of the Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia response (RSA).

These extracts are from an article by Alain Nogaret Lecturer, University of Bath and Julian Paton Professorial Research Fellow in Physiology, University of Bristol. The article appeared on the website 

“The CPG technology we are developing is based on artificial brain cells made from silicon that would provide a more natural way to pace the heart dependent on the degree of physical exertion. This would allow proportional increases in heart rate based on the level of exercise”.

“Pacing using our artificial brain cells has advantages over electronics found in conventional pacemakers because our CPG will naturally synchronise the heartbeat physiological signals, such as respiration and heart rate, and give appropriate timed outputs. Early trials of the technology have demonstrated its efficacy of slowing down heart rate at different points of the breathing cycle in rats, and in particular we saw increases in cardiac pumping ability”.

“The pacing device we’re developing, then, could provide some light at the end of the tunnel – it could lead not only to increased longevity for heart failure patients, but also greater mobility, independence and a better quality of life.”

Test Your RSA Response Now

If you are concerned about your heart health and are worried that you might need to have a pacemaker fitted, why not test your RSA response now!?
If you can notice the speeding up as you inhale and slowing down as you exhale then you are doing well.

If, on the other hand, you cannot notice any difference to your heartbeat speed, then don’t worry, you may simply need more practice.

Smooth And Rhythmic

A Smooth And Rhythmic Heartbeat

When the speeding up and slowing down IS noticeable however, it is easily possible to create a very smooth and rhythmic heartbeat rhythm. The MasterBeat Technique is about learning how to use your breathing to naturally control and master your heartbeat rhythm.

Natural Pacemaker

By naturally creating a more smooth and rhythmic heartbeat rhythm using your breathing, you can reduce the overall strain on your heart. This may cause your heart to avoid needing medical attention, now or in the future.

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