Testimonial. A Lady In Her 80s From UK Worried About Needing A Pacemaker.

20 May 2019,

“Dear Rob,

Thank you for clarifying  using the pulse meter. I can do listening!! 

Adjusting my breathing as per your system does not sound too difficult. I will let you know in say 10 days, to give it time to show even better results.

My Appointment with my GP is Thursday and it will be interesting as to how she responds to my improvement. I am looking forward to that. Whatever she says I am NOT having a Pacemaker!

Thank you for your help and support in this. You have certainly found a great system in not having to have a Pacemaker. What a medical breakthrough! I am happy to co-operate in this.

All best wishes


Update; 24 May 2019

“Hello Rob,

Well, my GP is delighted at my progress and certainly the Echo cardiograph showed no need for a Pacemaker!!!

 I do have some thickening in the Aorta leaving the heart and a subsequent slight enlargement of the Ventricle – due to the high blood Pressure. However my B/P readings that I have been taking morning and evening are absolutely acceptable.

She wants to cover all possibilities and is referring me to a Cardiologist. I am happy for that and have formally refused any B/P reducing pills!! 

So a very satisfactory result and I will certainly carry on with this routine. I am really impressed with how my Heart beat readily becomes very regular using the Master Beat. I am using it morning afternoon and evening and am happy. My Acupuncturist also has commented on the improvement in strength and regularity.

So Rob this is certainly a great result for me and for the MB system. I am so pleased I found you!!

Best wishes”


My Response; 24 May 2019

“Dear Mary,

Thank you very much for updating me about the results of your visit to your GP.

It does indeed sound very promising for you for you to not now need a pacemaker.

Thanks as well for sharing the link for the Zona Plus Device. I was not aware of it’s existence. It certainly has a high price tag compared to (my) humble pulse device.

I wonder how much you would attribute your improvements to my technique compared to using the Zona Plus. It would be interesting to know which you feel may have offered you the most benefit.

It would also be interesting for me to know if you are adhering to the precise instructions of the MB technique. Really, all that is is counting the beats accurately as per the guidelines. 

Please do keep me posted on your progress and your experiences of continuing to use my technique. You may notice that any mental anxiety (that you may have) is slowly reduced. This can be the result of creating more heart coherence.

Looking forward to hearing back at your convenience. 

Kindest regards, 

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