The Natural Answer To An Erratic Heartbeat

Have you got it?

Young people have more of it, but older, unfit and unwell people tend to have less of it. Many animal species show signs of it.

It sounds like a disorder, but in fact it is a normal biological phenomenon.

The loss of it is regarded medically as an indicator of cardiac mortality. While conversely, it’s prominence is regarded as a strong indicator of a healthy cardiac system.

The biological reason for it remains unclear, and that is a topic that is still in debate. That does not however, prevent us from using this natural biological phenomenon to our advantage today.

Well… what is it then? I hear you say?

Very good question, especially if you have concerns about your cardiac and/or respiratory systems!

It is called Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia or RSA for short. And, simply put, it is how your breathing tends to influence the speed of your heartbeat. So, it is nothing to be worried about, but for health purposes, it is certainly something to consider.

Natural Biological Tendency

Yes, medical scientific measurements show clearly that as you breathe in your heartbeat tends to speed up and as you breathe out it tends to slow down. And this can be used by most people to quickly, easily and effectively control and change their heartbeat rhythm.

How’s YOUR breathing?

Synchronised Breathing

When you consider that most people tend to breathe irregular and shallow breaths, in the light of this knowledge it becomes easy to see why a generally erratic heartbeat rhythm can so often be seen when people have heartbeat rhythm readings

So, if you are worried about having an erratic heartbeat rhythm, consider for a minute about how well you breathe, because, one very powerful way to quickly improve an erratic heartbeat rhythm (for most people) is controlled and rhythmic breathing. And it can be the easiest and most natural solution!

Under control

The MasterBeat Self-Synchronisation Technique ® is controlled and rhythmic breathing, precisely Synchronised with the heartbeat. It is how the RSA response can be utilised to maximise both heartbeat and breathing rhythms.

Take the Heartbeat Challenge today and see if you have ‘it’.

learn how to Master your heartbeat rhythm
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