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Heart Consciousness

Since 2014 over the course of my profession as a heartbeat rhythm coach, I have extensively used electronic heart coherence biofeedback equipment. The primary goal of using this equipment is to make improvements to my clients’ heartbeat rhythms.

Then, one day while measuring and improving my own heartbeat rhythm using this equipment, I made a VERY significant and groundbreaking discovery. This discovery meant that I no longer needed ANY of my expensive biofeedback equipment.

The reason being that I had ‘cracked the code’ of heart coherence (orderly rhythm) by discovering how to perfectly synchronise both heartbeat and breathing functions! Now I am sharing this valuable information and it can be learned by anyone in just few minutes.

Heartbeat Chaos (Erraticism)

My clients come to me most often with mental or emotional issues. And commonly they explain how they feel worried and anxious and have serious trouble with overthinking (sound familiar?).

After hearing about their troubles, the therapy for them begins with a sensor being placed on an earlobe or fingertip. The signal from the infrared sensor then measures their blood flow and a graph is produced on a computer screen. This graph represents an accurate, real-time reading of their heartbeat rhythm.

An erratic heartbeat rhythm, as in the picture below, is a very telling indication of internal stress levels. The various causes of an erratic heartbeat rhythm are too many for me to list. But, if a list were created and arranged by order of relevance, I would undoubtably place fear at the top.

A Typical Example Of New Client’s Heartbeat Rhythm

So, I ask my client to relax and to breathe as I direct them. And immediately noticeable changes take place. We both watch the graph line as it changes its shape and form and my clients find it amazing that they can so easily influence and improve their heartbeat in this way.

Heartbeat Coherence (Orderly Rhythm)

In just one short session, I show each of my clients my very simple technique. All my clients leave my therapy session with some incredible knowledge. This is a technique that they can use anytime, any place and without need for any equipment!

A Typical Example Of Client’s Heartbeat Rhythm Using This Technique

Heartbeat and Breathing Synchronisation

The technique and knowledge that I share with each of my clients is basically a breathing exercise. But, the difference to this breathing exercise that sets it apart from any other, is that each breath synchronises perfectly with the heartbeat.

If You Can Take Your Own Pulse You Can Do The Self-Synchronisation Technique

The results each time are invariably the same and are reflected in the dramatically improved heart coherence graph lines.

This is groundbreaking information that is TRULY empowering, because it helps you to access your heart. It is amazingly effective to help reduce fear, as it quickly calms an overactive mind!

Then, with the mind calmed down and the heartbeat smooth and rhythmic we are able to focus our attention on our rhythmic breathing.

Breathing is the essence and spirit of life that we have been distracted from by mind control techniques. But not for much longer, because we are all about to remember its true power.

We heard it from David in his interview with Brian. And now we should all know that we need to open up to our hearts, get rid of fear and help others around us do the same. This technique can powerfully help us do that!!

Rhythm Beats Chaos

While the heartbeat is erratic it adversely affects our whole being. It affects our brainwave patterns because of the heart to brain connection.

Research from the Heartmath institute shows that the heart affects the brain in 4 major ways. Neurologically, biochemically, biophysically and energetically.

Their research also shows that the heart is far more powerful electrically and magnetically than the brain. And it sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. Therefore, it is in fact the dominant organ in the relationship.

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